Women's IPL 2023 Points Table

The Women's IPL 2023 is a cricket tournament that's happening soon. A lot of people are excited about it because great players from all over the world will be playing. One important thing in a cricket tournament is the points table. It tells you how well each team is doing. In this article, we'll talk about the Women's IPL 2023 Points Table, and we'll tell you about the teams and the players.

Women's IPL 2023 Points Table

Women's IPL 2023 Points Table

This table tells you how many matches each team has played, how many they've won or lost, and how many points they have. Points are earned when a team wins a match. If a match is tied, there's a Super Over, and the winning team gets two points while the losing team gets one point. If a match is abandoned or doesn't have a result, both teams get one point each.

1 Delhi Capital Women (Q)8620012+1.856
2Mumbai Indians Woman (Q)8620012+1.711
3UP Warriorz (Q)844008-0.200
4Royal Challengers Bangalore Woman (E)826004-1.137
5Gujarat Giants (E)826004

Note: M » Matches Played, W » Won, L » Lost, NR » No Result, PT » Points

Win – 2 points

No Result – 1 point

Tied – 1 point

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The Women's IPL 2023 Points Table is a great way to keep track of your team's progress. It shows you which team is doing well and which players are performing the best. We hope you enjoy the tournament and cheer for your favorite team!

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